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202nd Weekly Poetry Contest winner: Dissection Day

by Johann F. Potgieter

Sophia, let’s take you apart
Find the salt in your sorrows
And the wisdom in your bones
Sophia, let’s dissect your bleeding heart
To hear the song your blood might sing

Fire and ancient love surrounds you
In your veins we’ll find the cure
We’ll build a lyre from your sinews 
And play your gospel pure

Let’s see what’s written on your lining
Is it terror? Is it pining?
Sophia, let us look into your mind

Sophia, how’s it I’m so naked
In your company?

Take apart my body when I’m dead
Tell me how it fits together in the end
Look deep into my mouth
See the tongue, hear your name
In my lungs you’ll find its shape
And see its meaning in my brain
Then let me rest, Sophia

I’ve never been one for parties.

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