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69th Weekly Poetry Contest winner: A Money Order to Tamil Nadu


            His brain’s barren like
the surface
              of the moon – alphabet
could never
              grow there. I fill up the
money order
             form at his request. Our
 tongues are
             diverse –doesn’t matter –
 necessity fumbles
              and finds its way. He’s
one of the
             inter-state coolies sweating
for our state.
             I decode the signals from
his mind – 
             he’s soft within a hard shell
like a coconut.
             He stares at the strange
words falling
             from my nib. He rewards
me with a
             smile like a cashew nut.
His ‘thanks’
              drops into my mind,  and
makes a sweet
              ripple. It’s an illiterate, who
truly values letters.
(Tamil Nadu and Kerala are neighboring states with different mother tongues in India.)
First published  in The Literary Hatchet by Pear Tree Press, US.

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