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110th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: Kindergarten Girl


She doesn’t like the garden on the wall,
where the flowers are without fragrance.
You hammer the alphabet nails into her
brain. Her little thumb and index finger
waver on a hard pencil.

She can’t install her mind in the classroom
as her Barbie lies uncared at home. Your
refrains die in her ears. Her mom’s lullaby
lives in her soul.

A naughty classmate pinches her. She wants
to play, ‘elephant-and-mahout’ with her

Your tale has a head and tail, but no soul.
An impulse-trimmer your dopey ‘don’t’ is.
She wants to sleep in the valley beneath
the breast.

Ten to three’s an inhuman schedule.
Tension termites eat each twitchy day.
Only the skeleton of infancy remains.

First published in 'The Literary Hatchet' by Pear Tree Press,US and then reprinted in my book, ‘Kanoli Kaleidoscope’ by punkswritepoemspress, US.

110th Weekly Poetry Contest