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233rd Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: Downslope Windstorm

by KosmicKKWRogers

you sleep where gusted winds
are likely,
five seconds

of finding the right
slit not allowing darkness
to take the room.
night is not

with mountains
to the west,
ghosts all
to the east, far

what else is keeping you awake?
count carcasses

across beige range
with transparent rivers,
meteorite paths…

with a roared
overnight guests

come as creaks and
metallic tings,
a train like
canned music
through wooden chairs

up on tables
your dream

running through
lit cigarettes
looking out the window

at the rockies…
squall lasts
until dawn
by the time
you recognized your own
bag of bones,

say to own shadow,
“you look good in black.”

233rd Weekly Poetry Contest