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Speakeasy Pond

by frithar

Speakeasy Pond

Toad runs his speakeasy 
near pond-bottom at day's end
Groundhog wipes the first glasses
readies dandelion wines, 
hot sassafras root brandies
Blackbirds -- jazzbirds -- coolest of players
gather in one corner, tuning
Frog runs scales 
up and down his cello-throatstrings,
echoes down by the far treeline,
butters this sultry spring night
Redwings tease each other in twos
fly full-tilt,
then talon a tallest cattail 
Robins by rank 
in circling pines
call out first requests below,
argue trample-tongued and hungry
Cat -- uninvited --
stalks the fogged edges, 
glares within,
all military moustache,

92nd Weekly Poetry Contest