After Commencement at Fisk University

The halls are all deserted now,
And silence reigns complete,
Where one could hear but yesterday
A thousand tramping feet.

The flowers, wreaths and evergreens,
Lie withered up and dead,
And with the hands that handled them,
Their beauty now has fled.

No sound of boisterous laugh and life,
Nor student jesting word
Breaks silence of the hall, save where
A nibbling mouse is heard.

The life that here but yesterday
With hope and college pride,
Rang out in song and careless mirth
Is scattered far and wide.

The long vacation time has come,
A timely season blest,
When tired brains may revel in
Forgetfulness and rest.

Thus Jubilee and Livingstone
In solitude complete
Are left with none to tread their halls,
But ghosts of absent feet.
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