Boatman's Dance

Ober de mountains, slick as an eel,
De boatman slide down on his heel;
He hop in de long boat brisk as a flea,
Den hoist up Anchor and put to sea

O, dance de boatman dance;
O, dance de boatman dance;
Dance all night ,
Till de broad daylight ,
Den go home wid de gals in de morning.

De boatman dance, de boatman sing,
De boatman up to ebery ting;
When de boatman gets on shore,
He spends his money an works for more.


De Osyter boat should keep to de shore,
De fishin smack should venture more,
De Schoner sails before de wind,
De Steamboat leabes a streak behind.


I went on board de odder day,
To see what de boatmen had to say;
Dare I let my passion loose
Dey cram me in de Callaboose.


I've come dis time, I'll come no more;
Let me loose I'll go on shore;
Sez dey ole hoss we're a bully crew,
Wid a hoosier Mate and Captain too.


When you go to de boatman's ball,
Dance wid my wife or don't dance at all;
Sky blue jacket an tarpolin hat,
Look out my boys for de nine-tail cat.


De boatman is a thrifty man,
Dar's none can do as de boatman can;
I nebber see a putty gal in my life,
But dat she was a boatman's wife.


When de boatman blows his horn,
Look out old man, your hog is gone;
He cotched my sheep, he cotched my shoat,
Den put 'em in de bag an toat 'em to de boat.

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