With many a bright and beauteous scene
The earth's fair bosom charms the sight,
And brighter still the gems of heaven
Shine in the starry train of night.

Warm are the transports that the ear
Does to the bounding heart convey,
When the bard pours the stream of song,
And music floats the soul away

And the mind's eye, by fancy's flight,
Far fairer visions can behold
Than ever gladdened earthly eye,
Or ever earthly poet told;

But far above what eye, or ear,
Or fancy's soaring flight can yield,
Shine the rich treasures of the skies,
The glory yet to be revealed.

To tell of those high seats of bliss,
The seraph's song imperfect proves,
Their builder is the mighty God—
The mansions are for those he loves.
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