by archer

i can't stop thinking about your eyes. they remind me of black holes in space, deep, empty, mysterious.
 i adore them, and can't help but steal glances at them as you fix your eyeliner in the mirror.
 i can't stop thinking about when you said you admired me, when you said you wanted to be like me:
 i can't stop thinking about the way you laugh and the way you murmur swear words,
the way they roll off your tongue eccentric and ladylike.
i wish i could smile normal and say hello normal like you do to me in the halls of our barren school.
 i can’t stop thinking about how much i’d like for you to look at me the way you look at people who are normal
 people who live in your corner of the sky.
 i’m but a humble star, many galaxies away.
can stars get sucked into black holes?
how does that even work?



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