Breathe in.

Look around. And listen.
The world;
It's not moving
And you are as immobile as you'll every be
On your bed, horizontal.
Sinking slowly with your own weight.
Did you see that?
That one last leaf, fluttering on the tree
Flirting with the window.
That leaf is going to fall now.
But you can't move.
Did you hear that?
That's rain.
Showering the fruits of your existence
Alas, you sow but won't reap
Your chest, tightening
The air, teasing you, somersaulting around your nose.
Catch it with your eyes, your hope.
You're sinking, still
Through the bed,
On the floor;
Through the floor,
On the ground;
And now, inside.

Breathe out.



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