They are walking down the street late in the evening
at the end of a lovely picnic spent together in the city.

Their hostel is some miles away from the city’s sunset boulevard,
and on this busy road where men measure the length

of the city in pragmatic parades, she says,
"we should visit the movie house in our next outings and complete

the series on the Adventures". The night is not theirs to script
since both of them must return home before it gets darker:

strolling hand in hand, with graceful strides of feet and fun,
their mind stretching into moments of ecstasy.

"We had a nice time today", she says with a soft voice
that echoes with the sounds of birds hovering around the sky.

"Tomorrow awaits the birth of another sun"
He whispers into the air, the smile on her face

illuminating his countenance with sparkles of love.



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