How can you look at me and say " I love you"
Do you not know what those three words can do?
They can destroy all that I am today.
It starts with I do ends with harsh decay.

I love you don't make me laugh
That can lead down a long winding path.
It will end in misery break your heart and mine.
Don't lock me in that cage of love look at all it confines.

Oh, what's this you are now saying?
That you are not with my heart playing?
Stop looking at me with your deep blue eyes.
Stop feeding me all these fucking lies.

Please don't tell me that it is true.
Please stop saying "I love you"
Please stop with your words well versed.
Please stop because my heart it hurts.

Don't kiss me with those sweet pale lips,
Don't hold my me close and make me wish.
Don't run your fingers through my hair,
Please don't look at me with your eyes and stare.

You're starting this burning flame in my heart.
You're making me believe and wish we'll never part.
Making me say please hold me closer.
Why can't I this burning fire smolder?

Please pull me closer to your chest,
Please let me in your arms rest.
Please kiss me with your honey lips.
Please let me into your eyes slip.

Don't leave me here all alone,
Please stay with me I'll call you home.
Please look me in my eyes and say.
"I love you" and That you'll always stay.



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