Do you ever feel hot, palms sweating?
Your hands and feet burning
your heart feeling numb,
and yet you feel a chill
running through your body.
When you look back and
you see mostly an uneventful life,
See only a foreboding haze ahead.

When all the religions and the scriptures
All the philosophical treaties and
All the political maneuvering,
The social and moral proprieties
that you adhered to all your life
now seems to appear nothing but a farce.

All the passions and the obsessions,
The ideals and the ambitions of your life
they all come roaring back
like the waves of the sea at a high tide
and then retreat quietly leaving behind
a troubled, cynical soul.



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Mohamed Sarfan's picture

Dear Poeter, Man's life is definitely not permanent on this earth. Humans who travel as the mind desires that life is only dreams and fantasies will surely fail the test for the resurrection of this life; Those who realize the truth succeed. The human minds that cause the smiles of fellow human beings are loved by the Lord; But, human beings who belong to the tears and sorrows of others will be punished both in this world and the next. Write More Congratulations

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