I awake aware of diminishing brown noise, followed quickly by its complete absence. I turn towards my desk, trying to read the three bright digital numbers atop it. As usual, it reads 6:30, which tells me today I must have school. A minute or two regularly pass before I remember that time still denies snoozing requests. I arise and stumble down a dark hallway, drawn to the kitchen. I make a stop by the living room only to retrieve a large turquoise blanket. With a texture as soft as the fur on our cats, our living room will certainly miss it. I have only 20 minutes to eat, my tongue begins to crave chocolate once more. I enter the kitchen and walk across tiled ground, the colors darkened by the severe lack of light. I approach the oven, my eyes brace, anticipating the light that always turns on. Yet, I’m still thankful for the small little light that illuminates the oven space as I look inside. My eyes adjust, I can see clearly once more, and I scan for my breakfast. I spot the large chocolate muffins among the many bagels and bread loaves. Their circular tops smile at me as I uncover them from their surrounding wheat cousins. I grab the muffin closest to the small tear in the saran wrap. My blanket is now my robe, and I am now the king of the chocolate muffins. With my loyal muffin subject in hand, I turn back around slowly, uplifted by the muffin I now have. I head towards it, my blanket robe flows behind me. The unchosen muffins behind me sing. Tiled floor turns to inviting carpet, my royal breakfast will now commence. I slowly sit down, already feeling rejuvenated as if I’ve already eaten. I turn on and unlock my iphone 6 and plug in the small white earbuds that came packaged with it. I open up youtube, and search for a movie or video game review, or perhaps just a comedy short. Noise enters my ears, allowing my body and mind to wake up even further. I finally can eat my lovely large chocolate muffin, now no longer sentient, and the day slowly begins... And it begins with a large chocolate muffin.



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