by mzia

fool, fool, fool!
i am tethered to you,
yet this is the most
free i have ever been.
i love you with
reds and pinks
eating my skin
and no money left.
i love you with no hands
and no feet and
when i’m left boneless,
i still crawl to you
with my last breath.

how pathetic and
how awful to still
want to come closer
and closer to you.
even when you
rest in my hands,
i want you more.
i want you to be
rooted into my skin,
marked inside my heart.
tear apart all of me
and make a home out
of the fragments left.
keep the scrapes
for your hunger.
all i will do is thank you.

and forgive me for
loving you so deeply,
but you make me feel like
a john mayer song.
water has become
the only surface
worth dancing on.
forgive me, but before you,
i didn’t know that
the heat of the sun was
nothing compared to love.
i had never witnessed
the birds sing all the
way to heaven.
and listen hear:
i have never cared for much,
yet you are the one thing
that is absolutely everything to me.

so name me a clown.
call me a fool
for doing what hurts most
but i have fallen and
i have fallen in love:
with no hope,
and all hope,
with all i have got.



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