by Regina

Through a misty veil, I can see my mourning 
wife weep,
my family, please know, I'm still here,
I was thirty-seven, a thirteen year
firefighter veteran, a Captain,
my watch has only ended in the senses
of the mortal,
as my spirit is in this firehouse,
my soul in it's eternal purpose,
as I wait for the next call.

It was the last fire I would go to,
in my days of living flesh and bone,
I quickly entered the burning office building,
the smoke so billowing, so blinding,
that hot, clear July day made the air heavier,
I couldn't get enough air,
I couldn't breathe anymore,
my breath was gone,
then, God, He whispered, "I have you now."

My funeral was not final,
it was just the beginning of my immortality,
there's other firefighters here, in spiritual
we hear every alarm bell, and hear the roar of
every fire,
we are near as our children grow,
for our spouses, in their sorrow,
to become strengthened, and always
know, our love for them endures.

What we committed to-
duty, honor, bravery,
we continue,
we are firefighters forever.

In Loving Memory of Asheville, NC FIre Dept. Captain Jeff Bowen
Fallen in the line of duty, July 28, 2011,
and all other fallen firefighters.



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