I had a flash back from a couple months ago, 
and oh dear it seemed like my tears just wouldn't go.
I couldn't tell you what was currently dismantling my life, 
I just hoped and prayed I would be alright. 
Oh but how that night healed me a little,
because I did nothing but cry a little.
Okay maybe a lot, even after I thought it was finally over, 
the tears just wouldn't stop.
After showering and putting your t-shirt on,
I laid in your bed, right where you belonged. 
I would weep and cry, until I finally shut my eyes. 
And when morning broke, and I woke.
My eyes puffy and red, and being so tired I felt like I couldn't get out of bed.
However that morning, my heart was light. 
Like i had drained all the heaviness and messiness out in one night.
I knew I would be fine for that day,
until another flash back hit me in different way. 



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