I know you say you have a heart
But I really don’t think that’s true
Because this crippling pain I’m feeling
Was caused by none other than you
You told me that you had my back
And with that you made me glow
Now my shadow’s still behind me
But where on earth did you go?
You warned me not to love you
But pulled me in at the same time
Even though I somewhat agreed with you
I tried to make you mine
You reached in through my rib cage
Snapped my heartstrings one by one
But I still stood beside you
I refused to run
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you break my heart?
You literally ripped it right from my chest
And tore it all apart
You whispered in my ear
You made me believe all your lies
All while holding me tight in your arms
And gazing right into my eyes
I can shake off all the pain you gave
But I can’t shake the regret
I can block my ears from hearing more
But I can’t make my mind forget
My heart still wants to wait for you
But my brain says, “you stupid heart,
Don’t stick around and wait for him,
He’ll just make you fall apart”



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