The angel of the lord
Appeared on TV sets
All over the world

People woke up
Expecting to see
The usual suspects

Talking heads
Talking drivel
Talking trash

A stern visage
A stern old man
In a dark suit

He had a salt and pepper beard
And long, dark black hair
And piercing blue eyes
Staring out
From his stern face

The eyes
Piercing the soul
Of all who listened

The voice
Of the angel of the lord
Was like thunder

And all over the world
People tried to turn off
Their TV sets
To no avail

Twilight light Zone
The angel of the lord
Stopped swearing
And said

In a calm
Deadly voice

People of earth
You know the lord
By a billion names

I am his spokesman
We've realized
There is the age of the TV

And we must be able to reach
You directly

Before one or a million
Could understand

Now no one hears us
For you are convinced

We are dead
Washed up
A fraud

Frankly speaking
You all can go to hell

And an evil grin
Appears on his face
As he says

Can a fraud do this?

And outside
Thunder and lightening

A star comes down
And houses were blown away

And everyone was

The TV set
Was in the sky above

The voice of the angel
Of the lord

The end is near
And now

No more TV
No more booze

The rights to you
Have been sold

For to quote Frank Zappa
You are all assholes
You are all assholes

All of you
Little, mean little assholes

Let me introduce
My new business partner

Satan, also known
As the prince of darkness

God and Satan
Have agreed on a deal

A thousand year Reich
A thousand year of slavery
For you

My little human assholes
For your sins, your arrogance
Your foolish pride

After a thousand years
Of pure torture

We will return
To judge the living and the dead

Most of you will remain in hell
Some will be redeemed

And allowed into heaven
And now, back to your usual station

Welcome to hell
Satan said

And laughed and laughed and laughed
And the usual crimes resume
The usual lies and deceits and shames

For most people
It made no difference

They had been in hell
For centuries

For some
It mattered

The few decent people
Left on earth

Were condemned to join
The masses

For another thousand years
Of toil and misery

The bosses were happy
Satan appointed them
To continue to rule

But no strikes
No salaries
And as much abuse
As they could give out

And so the world turns and turns
Following its way
Around the sun

And the sun
Turns and floats
Through space

And the end was here
And now

No one could tell
The difference anymore
Hell was here to stay

published River Sandha