At history’s gate; here I stand
Will you let me in?
‘Gate Keepers’ slumber and sleep;
For the gangsters and the thieves;
To a dash on history’s ‘leaves’
‘Posterity’ cries in the streets;
Here I am, send me:

For an armistice to the Syrian conflict
A truce to Boko Haram raging’s
Peace and tranquillity at the Gaza strip
Unity as opposed to violence and terrorism
Love for humanity like Mandela preached
Food for the helpless and the hungry
Unwavering stand for truth and justice as Jesus did
Hope for the hapless and the downtrodden
Freedom to choose as our nous deem
Good leadership as we’ve never seen
And good families-to a great world of peace.

At history’s gate stand I still;
Tilting on the threshold of historic attainment(s)
Who’s going to come with me?



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