Time has passed
And I am not the same
But in the wandering tune
Of this torn-up palace
I play the song of what has gone
“Sasama” is the name of the palace and literally means “music waves” or “music wandering.”


Original Text

Modern Text


高市黒人高市黒人Takechi no Kuroto
古のInishie no
人尓和礼有哉人に我れあれやHito ni Ware areya
樂浪乃楽浪のSasanami no
故京乎古き都をFuruki Miyako wo
見者悲寸見れば悲しきMireba kanashiki


Translation Notes

Poem from takechi no kuroto , when he saw the ruined palace.
古のlong time had passed already
人に我れあれやI am the man who had lived the past time?  no
楽浪の(But) in sasama
古き都をOld palace
見れば悲しきBecome nostalgic to see (old palace)
Author of original: 
Takechi no Kuroto