Boy, lust me so good.
I could convince myself it's love,
I know better, but it's so good
When you lust me so hard.
Find myself dazed off without warning,
Remembering every touch and expression.
Biting my lip as if you're in front of me,
Taking my body into yours and lusting
What we are could be sin
When the night of last was better
Than your last, all you can do is hope,
Hope the high lasts.
Want you watch, watch as I gas myself up with my own lust?
I know you like a show.
I just want you to lust me,
Forget love its side effects.
Be my drug.
My high.
My downfall.
Damage me.
Turn me into a monster.
Tear my apart with this sin.
Lust me like you want, do what you want.
My body, your hostage.
Your passion, the weapon.
Take it all into your being, die for it.
Come back and seek revenge.
Murderous and treacherous being who you are.
Lust me. Forget love. I want your lust,
More than anything.



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