by Regina

He was born July 2, 1925,
son of James and Jesse Evers,
Medgar Evers of Mississippi,
World War II veteran,
fought in the Battle of Normandy,
June 1944,
with his soldier brothers
of same and other races.

He rose a leader,
a Freedom Hero,
Mississippi field secretary of NAACP,
President, Regional Council of Negro Leaders,
husband of Myrlie, her purity of devotion,
father of Darrell, Reena Denise, James,
civil rights leadership of the highest calling,
of a bravery that persevered again.

That early morning,
June 12, 1963,
a shot of hate tore through his heart,
he was fallen in his own driveway,
his family witnessed thisĀ 
most heinous of murders
committed in the insanity
of human acridity,
the bitterness in our psyches.

June 19, 1963,
full military honors,
Arlington National Cemetery,
for a man of a character
so much more loving than
his assassin's.

We, as a people,
we must obliterate
pre-conceived assumptions,
faulty thoughts of each other.

Medgar Evers of Mississippi,
Medgar Evers of America,
posthumously awarded the
Spingam Medal,
murdered in a country
he fought for,
merited eternally by God.



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