by Fliss

The Old Man of Gugh is a standing (leaning) stone on the Scilly Isles.

How old am I? Darned rudeness. Twenty-one!
Yes yes, I know your guidebook has "Bronze Age".
But why not let this fogie have his fun?
You'd rather that than see me in a rage.
I've been a long time here, on brackened Gugh.
They stood me up to guard their pottered graves.
I must admit, I like my slanting view –
the heathered heath, the sanded stones, the waves.
I couldn't stop your Civil Warrers, mind.
I mean, I glared; those madmen tramped on through.
Next, Georgie Bonsor came to make his find.
"Sod off," I boomed. "There's nothing here for you."
These days, seems folks just want to take my pic.
"Lean in," they joke. If only I could kick!



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Mohamed Sarfan's picture

Dear Poeter, Billions of thoughts are pouring into this earth to be explored within the realities where memories and dreams collide. The realities of life ripple through the mind like waves in the ages. Write More Congratulations

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Fliss's picture

Hi Mohamed; sorry I've only just seen this! Many thanks for your comment. I always enjoy reading your thoughts on poems; they're poetry in themselves. I'm happy you enjoyed the poem and I wish you every success with the contest. Best wishes, Fliss :-)

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