by ivymae

At last the King has fallen
Can't you hear the demons calling?
Wanting his soul
As he sits once more
Alone, afraid, and in silence
Oh, I can't wait for the violence
My crown is striaghtened, polished and cleaned
For I am the fucking Queen
I said my demons stood by my side
And you were naive enough to think I lied
Now who's beaten, battered and sore?
Don't worry, they'll eat you starting at your core
Now you're just a monster in a cage
It's no longer me who's full of rage
Back in my palace at last
Now it's your turn to be the outcast
For my demons have gone to war
And haven't even started on your core
Sore, tired and alone is how you shall stay
Guess you should've learned th easy way
Never fuck with The Queen
I promise, she can be quite mean



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