by Regina

You may not have served yourself, or know anyone who has,
but those who have, signed on the line-
and many left their families behind,
missed their children's first words, first steps,
while you went on vacations with your own family.

You may not have agreed with the reasons for the wars,
but they stood the watch, and suffered through the hell-
while you slept in your comforting bed,
and complained about the weather ruining your golf game.

How dare you honk your horn, when the driver in front of you-
stops for a U.S. military funeral procession carrying a soldier,
to his or her place of rest and honor.

How dare you vandalize a memorial red, white, and blue roses wreath
under a sign designating a highway for our brethren, the brave.

For those who do respect what our veterans sacrificed to wear the uniform,
and how they selflessly gave up precious moments, and even their own lives-
thank you for remembering them.



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