A Rose For Gaza



Gaza is a garden full of roses.

Stone roses.

Rock roses.

No petals to crush and bruise

to release their fragrance.

Only dust.

Dust and the stench

of death.

No green space left.

No sweet tranquility,

peace or quiet.

No escape.

No garden of Eden here.

No gateway to paradise.

Rubble and rock roses.


So I shall plant a rose for Gaza

in my green space,

in my tranquil garden.

I won’t bruise it,

just gently sniff its fragrance

and hope that one day

fragrant roses will bloom again

in the garden of Gaza.


What else can I do?

Published in:

Theatre Cloud, Oct 2014 - Shortlisted for War Poetry for Today poetry prize

Poetry For Change Anthology, Poets Haven - Vending Machine Press, Nov 2014

Degenerates - Voices For Peace Anthology, Weasel Press, June 2015

Divided Lines Anthology, CTU Pub, Starving Artist Fund, June 2015

Zaira, Issue 1, Sept 2015 

Inspired by Ghandi Anthology, Oct 2015 (forthcoming)



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