by Regina

Her polished dainty hooves with tiny horseshoes click, click down the hallway of the nursing home. One of the receptionists, in greeting,
sings out, "Hi, sweet girl!!", enthusiastically. Her name is, "Snow Queen", she's a miniature Carousel therapy horse, but goes by the nickname,
"Queenie." Her eyes are crystal blue, and she has a snowy-white downy coat. As she approaches the day room, a World War II veteran,
looks up from his newspaper, and seems to sit a little taller in his wheelchair. He smiles broadly, as Queenie comes up to him, gently nuzzling
his outstretched hands. Another elderly resident approaches with her walker, reaching down to stroke Queenie's mane. The woman whispers
the name of her childhood dog, "Skippy". In a slight tremor she puts her hand up to her eyes, as they have begun to fill with tears of
remembrance. She begins to speak again, "Skippy was such a good dog, and you're a pretty little horse", petting the mare on the neck.

Queenie stood still, understanding, as if she and the elderly woman were conversing. Queenie's handler smiled in benevolence as some more
residents began to stroke Queenie's face. The residents are so grateful to be visited by Queenie and her handler, as some of them aren't
visited by their family members often enough, some, not at all. Queenie's bright red halter contrasts so beautifully with her white coat.
She has such a great intuition for the residents, as if she can, "read" them. She lets out a delighted whinny, as one of the nurses gives her
a slice of an apple. The gentle and noble Carousel therapy horse has her, "Routine of love." Throughout the year her little hooves click,
click, click down the hallway of the nursing home. Queenie is one of the ambassadors of the animal kingdom, bringing cheer and love
to the elderly, the sick, and the lonely members of humankind.



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You are such a generous and benevolent poetry-pal. Words can't begin to describe how grateful I am.
Have a blessed day ! :-)


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