As you walk through the corridors of life, its highways and by-lanes, the back-alleys and well-beaten trails, through lush jungles or the arid scorching wilderness
you pickup tidbits or sometimes gems of wisdom at the unlikely places, from the unlikely people, sometimes very much alive and present, sometimes from long dead and forgotten.

you learn from parents
and more so from peers and seers,
life teaches better.

One thing I learned from Jesus Christ is that you have to carry your own cross knowing full well that you may be crucified on this very cross – sometimes you have no choice, sometimes you have to do it for the good of the people.

Prophet Muhammad taught me that when a revelation dawns on you, embrace it zealously. If you have enough people believing in your perception, you have begun a new creed.

Moses taught me that you don’t have to tread the well-trodden path to reach the Promised Land. You can cut across wilderness and still reach home.

Buddha taught me that a state of enlightenment can only be attained by renouncing physical and material yearnings.

Mahatma Gandhi made me see the futility of war and aggression. You can bring down a mighty empire just be a wooden staff in your hand and wearing nothing but a loin cloth.

Mother Teresa made me realize that you can live your life unselfishly, working and caring for others and still make your life a success and fulfilling.

not of the heavens
nor of any astral plane
faith is of the heart

Nowhere is taught the skills to live a life. You are not born with an instruction manual. No one can fix it for you if you screw it up. And you cannot return it and get an instore credit. You cannot put it on lay-away. You cannot exchange it for another if you don’t like the one you got. You just have to make it to work good for you by yourself.

But these bits of wisdom comes much later—at the tether’s end of one’s life,
when we have already put too many miles on and the seats are all worn-out and the dashboard all faded and dusty. When the brakes start screeching and squealing. When the engine starts making funny noises and the radiator begins to leak…

a life-long process
salvation lies in one's self…
seek none but thyself



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