by Regina

There were disguised women soldiers,
back in the days of cannons, muskets, and hardtack,
she fought.

Pin-up girls in 1940's calendars
and on war planes,
while their sisters marched,
and flew planes,
she fought.

Candy apple red lipstick,
white gloves and pearls,
pastel pillbox hats,
paper baby shower decorations,
demure, like Marilyn, yet resolute,
apron with embroidered flowers,
she fought.

Policewomen in combat on the streets,
she, firefighter, rivulets of sweat
down her face, her back,
going into the blaze with,
she fought.

Women soldiers, sailors, airwomen,
hellfire, hearts hammering,
alongside men soldiers,
into battles,
sandstorms blinding,
she, veteran, limbs gone,
she, who fell.

Previously published in, "Blue Collar Review".



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