My courage
has been bled from my body
as I crawl away from the burning wreckage
that was built out of now meaningless vows...

This ship ran aground on those smug looks
and sharp words you threw in my path
during the midst of fiery arguments
occuring so often I was ready to
throw myself from the bow.

While I feel no pain from these wounds,
I carry in my chest a fire
that's charring my soul black
as I crumble the dried, red roses
that I saved from better days.

Like a twisted form of flower girl
singing a dirge for all that is lost
as I walk through a scorching hell
where, even now in my absence,
you still laugh and mock me.

I will not carry the shame
you try to smear on me like soot,
as you fume at my lack of sorrow
for your abandonment.

I am forging a new path
where the blue echoes fade
into a serene silence
and joy sparkles in my blood
as I dance away from
this smoldering prison. 



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