A Soldier’s Soul

A drifter of forgotten wars
Once a soldier with golden bullets for honor and love
Now an old man lost in a foreign land
Crawling through the icy plane
A trail of frozen blood paints the newborn snow behind him like a stoned out demon with artistic ambition.

His memories rise and fall like the waves of enemies he killed
Crashing through an ocean of sorrowful greed
The corporate giant buried his foes in an avalanche of sinful transgression
“If only I could be a child again and runaway with angels sprinting towards the light” the old man whispered.

In the night owls forest he continues to crawl
His wounds won’t heal for the pain is all this old soldier needs to keep going
There’s a cave in the distance with smoke coming from it
Summoning a smile fit for a dead man he closed his eyes knowing the savior he seeks isn’t inside
Its in that boy who died long ago
Before the Soldier
Before the war
Before life took his soul.

© 2017 Randle Allshouse Jr.



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