I rummaged through the ancient ruins
and scoured the carnage of our times.

I scanned the infinite realms
of the firmament,
Searched the scorching expanse
of the arid deserts,
I peeked into the crevices
of the broken hearts
and probed the dark domains
of the deranged minds.

I looked in the ashes
of the funeral pyre,
I ransacked every nook and cranny
of the cemetery
and forayed into the desolate womb
of the barren woman
But I did not find death.

I then looked at the first flush of spring
the rising robust sun
the blossoming flowers
the fluttering butterflies
the humming bees,
And found the hand of death.

I found,
in the unyielding faith of the trusting heart
in the misguided zeal of the believer
in the ardent prayers of the desperate soul
and in the unbridled passion of the heart.

Even in birth and in the sprouting seed
I found the omnipresence of death,
Yeah, I found death in life…
      Lurking around every corner,
      Riding upon every passing moment in time!



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