The world is my home and everyone living here is family.
Beauty lies not in pretty face but in a beautiful soul, everyone gets confused in this anomaly.

We must have faith in our abilities and allow it to get unfurled.
It only takes one" Thomas Edison" to invent electric bulb and transform the world.

Then began my search to find out the purpose I took birth and life's true meaning.
I found the answer I have to make a life to inspire others,
that will guide them and help seek the right path, don't get satisfied with a mere living.
Give something worthwhile to this world which would help alleviate the pain,
teach them the language of love and remove seeds of anger by way of healing.
The world will become paradise if we try to empathize,
Help eliminate depression by being the person with whom all share their feeling.

Spread joy, happiness and always try to make sure everyone around you smile.
Hold the lonely, lend an ear to listen to his problems and walk with him the last mile.
Make your life an open book for others to learn from your experience,
live a life with equanimity and as rife as river nile.
Make a special place in everyone's hearts and create fond memories ,
to cherish and provide them warmth for a long while.



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