Your hand is cold
You lead me to the chamber
Blue light fills the air
Reflecting off your lily dress
We walk wordless, deeper
Into the dark, shrinking
Smaller and smaller, until
We disappear in the blue abyss
The strands of your hair
Lay haphazardly along your shoulder
Black silky strands contrast
The white of your lily dress
In the distance I hear
The faint sound of morning cars
We follow the frozen stream
As it winds through the world
Depositing us deep into the earth
Where it all began
We swim under the water
Until it’s blue
Where the light sprinkles down
To touch your floating hair
we shape time
  with a chisel
following the lines
  of an afternoon
the earth is soft
as we walk with it—
our bare feet
planting the ground
for next year’s spring
the fire radiates
from the pit
we dug last night
the embers
still floating at random
with the wind
bound together
we carry the rope
old and threadbare
to the sea to set sail
on a wooden boat