Sunday School Celebration


S ING , all ye nations! the arm of the Lord
Is revealed in its power, fulfilling His word.

Ye watchmen of Zion, the glory beholding,
Long promised, now dawning to gladden our eyes,
Shout aloud, through all lands the bright vision unfolding,
And call Zion's hosts to awake, and arise!
Sing, all ye nations, etc.,

Roll on, thou glad Earth, thy dark places are gleaming
With light from on high, and the new-risen ray
On thy far distant mountains and lone isles is beaming,
And the nations awaken, and hail the bright day
Sing, all ye nations, etc.

Roll on in thy path, till the radiance, increasing,
Its noon-day effulgence around thee shall fling,
And thy people all join in hosannas unceasing,
To praise their Creator, Redeemer, and King!
Sing, all ye nations, etc

Thou shalt shine in that light, and the beams of thy splendor.
The far wilds of the west shall exultingly see;
Thou shalt join in that song, the loudest to render
Thy rapturous homage, fair land of the free!
Sing, all ye nations, etc.

Fair land of the free! thou wast made to be ever
A refuge and home for the poor and oppressed,
And thy welcome and blessing denied shall be never
To the wanderer who flees to thy bosom for rest.
Sing, all ye nations, etc.

Fair land of the free! the lamp thou hast lighted
Still sheds its pure lustre on Liberty's shrine;
And the nations awaken, enlightened, united,
To partake of thy bliss, in thy triumph to join.
Sing, all ye nations, etc.

Fair land of the free! may that light that for ever
Gives freedom and life, pour its brightness on thee!
Shed around thee the light of salvation, and never
Be darkness in thee, thou fair land of the free.
Sing, all ye nations, etc.
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