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Snarling Cup of Coffee

and other coffee inspired poems

Coffee Poems

I am a coffee addict.  I admit it. Gots to have my daily fix but nowadays mostly decaf but in the morning I have a real cup to get my juices going kicking starting my day with that caffeine buzz going around my head.

I have written 60 poems about coffee and posted them on my blog - along with photos and audio clips of me reading the poems, plus one SF short story featuring an alien coffee trader.

I am sending them to Starbucks and Peets along with this cover letter.

peets coffee


I could've been nothing soul undone,
But I had a calling, a meaning, a function.
I had to get better I believe in significance,
And I'm well aware that genius is a universe, some might say.
It is rumoured that the minute you are satisfied is when you fade away

I stumbled forward,
The door was open,
I slid headfirst into the deepest, darkest ocean.
Suddenly exposed like a firefly in the night,
But feeling the fire within,
I've suddenly worked out there's a storm underneath my skin.

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