Scars On A Beauty

by Regina

Clover and moss adornment,
fields of ancient emerald mellow,
with spring lambs innocent,
elderly farmer with a tea stained smile.

Yet, North of there,
her people warring,
life spills on concrete,
in the singing wind
is the song of the Troubles.

My maiden, my Eire,
are you ever at rest?
Where are your children?
Sons and daughters,
youth no more to come home,
Scars on a beauty,
she, she, will it go on into eternity?

My beauty, the souls, and shamrocks
in the dew,
weep just as much as you.

On leaving Ireland 1969

by MaryPP

Time is going quickly..
soon we'll have to part
from families, friends and neighbours
the thought near breaks my heart.

Landing on a foreign soil
English soil at that!
I wonder will it be like home
with a welcome on the mat?

People say, "It will be a change
you'll like it, wait and see,
London is terrific,
that's the place to be.

It will be a change indeed
to live near London town
Fashion! Frenzy! Fighting!
Travel underground!

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