The Tarot Sun (a micropoetry series)

child rider
free to follow the light—
a seeker of love’s embrace

always seeking the sun
while tied to the earth

reader of the codes
that are interwoven
in the fabric
between then & now
between heaven & earth

seeds that grow
in the life force
that surrounds us all
to rise above the earth
only to be buried once more

pushing ahead
slowly, back against the sun—
it’s step by step for some
and careless joy
for the ones they carry


rewarded once
on sight unseen
this gift’s delight
a daylight dream


the beggar bare
he seeks his alms—
the woman walks
he’s lost his charm


a jailed man rich
he sits and waits
in a block cell Ritz
without a gate


winter bare
the dead leaves wait
in springtime prayer
for a lover’s mate


unearthed in bombs
the craters claim
an ancient’s tale
of human shame



no one standing—
a stone path digging deep
into the woods
warm on either side
beneath the clouds that loiter
in lustful haze
she came
in moments when the sun
reflected on the glass
water and light
reflected before moving on
to another day
stretching on
the rivers render the earth
from one moment to the next
her eyes show no one
as they open and close

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