The Tarot Star (a micropoetry series)

night lit
with angel stars—
I find the way

lost among
the shadow lights—
which path to take?

diamond sky
in the early morn—
I follow the river path

vessel upon vessel—
I drink from the cup of life

poured in two directions—
I follow the path that leads to home

cup of life
poured empty
drip by drip

source spring
sought from and found
from empty hopes

two sources:
the one you see
and the one you don’t

somewhere beyond

Farewell to Mystic Mountain

Farewell to Mystic Mountain

Huangfu Ran (~ 716-769)
All day the water flows until it fades, unseen,
At dusk, when grass grows deep in spring and earth recedes—
At times, it’s true, the dogs will bark and chickens squawk,
But who would pull an almond nut from berry seeds?
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