by profvn
long live the queen
her robe so long indeed 
it took a long time to make

your highness my queen
how high her seat only 
the high minded can fit

her majesty my queen
my cap fell off my head in prostration 
oh i didn't mean to be funny

please my queen
my knees wear out my trousers 
i only beg for my right

how beautiful the queen is
could it be mockery? 
even if, you cant tell her to her face
it's worse than treachery

my queen wears a diamond
she may know the price but not the value

A Song of Jubilee

I .

Ho, heirs of Saxon Alfred
And Caeur de Lion bold!
Mix'd breed of churls and belted earls
Who worshipped God of old;
Who harried East and harried West
And gather'd land and gold,
While from the lips of white-wing'd ships
Our battle-thunder rolled.!
With a hey! and a ho!
And a British three times three!
At the will of the Lord of the Cross and Sword
We swept from sea to sea!

II .

And lo, our mighty Empire
Rises like R OME of yore —
Another Rome, that feasts at home

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