No microchiropteran ever complains
when the rawness of autumn creeps into the day,
his arthropod prey having fluttered away.
With his pals he piles into a cave, then abstains
from all food while he hangs like a fuzzball. The pains
he’s taken to gain a few grams in the May
of his bug-catching bustle will, hopefully, play
in his favor, reviving him after the rains
and the blizzards retreat. Then, with luck, when the leaves
begin to uncurl in the bright vernal suns,
diaphanous pinions unfurl, and the sheaves
of packed bodies disperse into twilight’s cool breath.
Moths and beetles, look out! For exuberance runs
intense in his blood as he seeks for your death.


Bouts-rimés on Keats’s sonnet, “After dark vapours.”

(Won The Oldie’s 2013 annual bouts-rimés competition.)


Miles T. Ranter's picture
Thanks, Elisa. Sorry you were startled by the bat. I would be, too, if one flew out of my umbrella. There is a myth, by the way, that bats get into people's hair. They don't. What they are actually after are the mosquitoes flying around your head. Anyway, this one was likely surprised when you opened your umbrella and was confused about direction.

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Elisadella's picture
I don’t want to come across one of those. I do realize they are wonderful in controlling mosquitoes however I rattle my umbrella before opening it these days... has hasn’t been back .... yet ! They are just creepy... he probably thought I was too;)

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Miles T. Ranter's picture
I have no doubt that bats think humans are creepy. If a bat is in your house, instead of flinging a broom at it, just open a door or window and it will eventually find its way out. You just have to be patient. They're just as eager to get out as you are to have them out!

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