by Regina

Water is life, it blesses us from the heavens,
yet, in nineteen fifty-three until nineteen eighty-seven,
a betrayal of the ones who committed to oaths sworn,
on the Camp Lejeune base-
a tragic disgrace,
as clear flowing death brought cancers, birth defects,
how could those years keep going by,
and continue to harm the warriors
of the proud words, "Semper Fi".

Retired Marine master sergeant Jerry Ensminger
and his family lived there,
his young daughter, Janey, a victim-
heartfelt despair,
shadows of lost dreams gone in the air.

Janey passed away at nine of leukemia
in nineteen eighty-five,
a crime, an agony, that she died,
a mournful outrage in that darkest of days,
Master sergeant Ensminger-
threw his military awards away.



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MyNAh_27's picture

Your consistently high level of writing is a credit to you, Regina.
You are the writer's writer par excellence.
Best of luck with this in every contest that you enter.
Hope you like my tribute poem.
I invested so much thought and feeling in it.

Your great health,

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