Summer's Meadows Un-groomed

A cityscape that bashed and bulldozed away
The horse's neigh and piercing cockerel call
Dew-frosted fields are parking pay and display
Wild bee-buzzed roses, squashed under the mall

Not graduating to write with quill ink pen
Such fine handwriting’s lost on button fingers
Sensibility rejuvenates when
In embers of faith, scent of repentance lingers

So as the grasses and flowers in hay fields grow
Buttercups, dandelion, mallow and poppies bloomed
And winds that sway the golden wheat and blow
Butterflies to summer’s meadows un-groomed

Demise will not deny this beauteous world
By Allah! Its wondrous secrets unfurled
الحمدُ لله رَبِّ العالمين


Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear Poeter, The universe is constantly operating within the wonder of God. Every mind struggles to give the right answer in the choice of life that has been bought in short installments. Write more Congratulations

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Brother Bilal's picture
Thank you, Mohammed بارك الله فيك I guess you are saying something like this: "Dear Poet , the universe is constantly operating under the power of God. Every mind struggles to give the right answer in this short life's choices. Write more poems of praise."

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