Winter Has Come

Season of dream haze on arctic signpost.
Chill and chap brood whose scattered offspring
plummet thermal values, as welcome mat
for “whiskered” chimney guest awash with bounty.
Thief of sun filled days without a twinge, but that
universal late December rendezvous can’t be thrust off-course.
Primal raw wind  howl dissing summer’s distant memory  - spotty and erratic though it was.
Deck chair, seat of toil free bliss now cold front recess blob.
Mirage or wishful dream scene  from a wet weather veteran.
We live in fear of black ice reruns,
 ad hoc Storm Force Brian. 
Mount Fuji on an airwave shrapnel flue.
Dormant Loch Ness shadow into shiver limb blight.
Fuel merchant’s annual whip round, chimney cleaner’s 
filthy lucre scratch card.
To  those who struggle just  another inroad on an ever
shrinking pocket.
Yet this annual curtain closer has its precious metal grace.
Dark art charmer lacing every patch for knee high boot crunch.
Architect of igloo closet ski cap.
Sleigh ride bell  upon that maligned feast around our globe (Noel hark the alpine carol)!
Bland but only to us frostbite souls aloof from glacial beauty.
Deep freeze spirit canvass arcade surface.
Christmas anthems booming over frolic footfall streets regale the night owls.
Chaser lights that gee up ghost town gutter black spot.
Urban ice rink dome another fantasy or wonderland.
Toy shop stock n trade whose only trade is stock.
Colour-coded  gadget clutches every cell of window space.
Fashion fodder wizards magic spark a toddler’s  glee at every turn.
Benign Santa please arouse those inner reindeers -
the sort that children worship down the ages.
Yuletide decor gift band holly bush spike.
Log tossed on fire, kindling stick incendiary,
leaping flame enshrouds smokeless polish.
Punch bowl nasal spice so aptly named rum do!
Skim milk skyline flaunts its gold fleck jewellery aloft.
Astral compass stars spread their twinkle dash on human garland.
Snowman’s slapdash etching in a blizzard  flush.
Whirlpool winter well and truly has arrived.

Creativewritingink shortlist December 2017

NB Polish as in Polish Coal,