24h while waiting for the 25th ...

by Vilate

At 14:14 I pointed my head in this crazy world. I screamed with all my might and it was the beginning of the beginning.
At 15:15 I was already in class, pacing my thoughts from other horizons and universe.
At 16:16 I had a break at recess and had enjoyed letting others re-create me. Happiness or misfortune? we will never know it!
At 17h 17 I was on my way again to find the family cocoon, this unequaled and unalterable reality if solid foundations are established.
At 18:18 afternoon tea was served and it was like an aperitif for the dinner to come. we are not crowded as we would have liked but we are getting better morale because the end of hunger is soon.
At 19h19 I was dizzy. .. tired of being turned into a jerk and tired of thinking that my strength alone could be enough for her fragility. Confusion. .. illusion. . disillusions At 20:20 I was at table again, all spruced and ready to roll up the sleeves because I was now invested with divine power.
At 21:21 I recognized through acts the darkness of some beings but I smiled because what surprises, only surprises once.
At 22:22 a lot of water had flowed under bridges and my sleep - awakening was already started
At 23:23 there was a sudden jolt but I fell back to sleep. .. the night brings counsel said the wise man. And in the application of his advice so dear to my senses, I let myself go to 24h24.
We were in the middle of the night. I lit the sun like a soft fire, a call to caress but it was quick to burn my wings.
I folded ... folded ... tactical retreat : 1:01 ... I finally got out of my reverie and really looked at myself through the mirror of the clock.
At 02:02 I continued the exercise calmly, only letting flies fly. In an abrupt way I was always in a labyrinth.
And it was only at 03:03 I had perceived the end of the tunnel.
At 04:04 my pen like a boss put me back on feet and I gave birth in a stroke this almost mysterious but logical part.
At 05:05 it was time to be five
At 06h 06 I took my tea filtering at best all the dirt
At 07:07 I had practiced back-pedalling but it was not counting that at 08:08, the clock of time forced me back to the present. I'm finally at 09:09
13h13 ... it's the beginning of the beginning!
Time seemed interminable, so much was the wait burning, the pains consumed, since the rosary of the past was being drunk.
At each of the 60 seconds, I had relived the 24 hours of an era already buried in the dust of memory.
While waiting for the 25th hour, I return to the present to tell you how happy I am to exist and how much I give thanks for all these lessons learned!
Every day it will be enough!
#always grateful #