We stare into each others eyes,
our amber-colored eyes,
the ones with garden iris longings,
when reveling in memories we sculpted one by one.
Neon moonlight walks and sweeping mountain paths, 
orange red clouds that fluttered over zesty morning  hearts,
Ice pink salmon picnics in chalk downlands.
Days we danced on silver desert strands,
blossom feathered doves who wrote the soundtrack to our bliss.
Golden wedding peaks about to acme,
as we lightly float on ink blue satin sheets.
 Us passengers in twilight worlds beyond forever more.


MyNAh_27's picture
Dear Regina, Words cannot express how flattered I am by those comments from someone of your stature. It took me awhile to nail it in terms of image, romance and story line. Returning hugs and warm wishes to you, MyNAh_27

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