Alive after Death


The midnight wind blows.
She wakes up and saunters on the moonlit shore.
The cemetery steeps in the *ylang-ylang fragrance.
She no longer needs that skull.

The air is free from political pollution.
She is not a ghost in the traditional white sari.
Nothing (*sublunary) remains in her memory
except a vague trace of love.
Otherwise, she will perceive the religious follies.
Death has vanished permanently.
Loss is nowhere in her sense.

No shackles.
She meets him
in the silver light.

Not zonked,
she is zippy.
Life has lost
its weight.
Soft as kapok,
she drifts on…

*Ylang-ylang - a yellow, star-shaped, fragrant flower.
*Sublunary - belongs to this world.