American Politics Enters the Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum

If you are in the mood to learn something,
you might learn that the dumb bastards on one side
of the aisle and the dumb bastards on the other side
of the aisle will never get on and not even experts
at the Belfer Center can tell you why.
You might think it would be nice to live in a country
where proponents of gun control and the Second Amendment
or supporters of legalized abortion and the right to life
are equally right, but it makes for a very dangerous place indeed.
And though you Veblen me and I social justice you,
what is gained is more than what is lost. So in this indifferent age,
take care of your fellow Americans while the politicians
take care of themselves and know that in a meaningless universe
full of hollow victories, there is room enough here for us all.

--published by litcat