Lost in a blinding whirlwind of confusion
I came to you
For the answers to my problems
That this world had created, What
can become of me, and
To my heart
In a painful way
Wanting this is destroying me
Because as desperate as I am for answers, you are even more determined to keep them
Keep me in this place
Of misunderstood dreams of reality
Therefore I can't decipher between what's real and what's not
And will spend years trying to save the only good part
Among these damaged parts
I will undoubtedly survive
If only you will give me answers

I watch and cry as you walk away
I listen to you while you pile up excuses
I moved to you in audible silence
I inhale and exhale, from I have come out of your dungeon of deciet, and
I feel that around some time you cared
I sense that pleasure and betrayal weren't all you cared about
I care tremendously about my family
I wish for you to care about yours
I need you to care
I can escape thus dungeon almost, I can feel it
I will escape

All for just a small price, I just need the answers

Take away my heartache, take away the confusion 
For I no longer want it
 I am stuck in a blinding whirlwind
So, please can you give me answers
But if you don't do that, at least let me differentiate between a world of reality and a world of fantasy
This relationship between us isn't my choice
How we ended up separated is purely your fault, and trust me
Your precious heart couldn't handle that truth
Alas, I came here only for answers not to make you wail
Time still stands and your chance still stands
Silent are you no more
And if you try to make the answers  sly away from their truth
Escape from your total failure at life
Patiently waiting for the consequences of your betrayal
Dance in innocence like you're the victim here if you
Must, but it won't stop me from saying
Farewell to you
Don't turn around now because I'm safe now
From my past of confusion
Free as a mockingbird
In a faraway land sitting atop a castle layered with sparkling blue pillars
Of diamonds
And live I will, finally for myself